Scratchin' Melodii Scratch

Scratchin' Melodii Scratch, The official Scratchin' Melodii website, where you can remix and repeat the beats in this awesome rhythm game!

About Scratchin' Melodii Scratch

Scratchin' Melodii: Unleashing Rhythmic Rebellion

Step into the rebellious world of Scratchin' Melodii, a radical rhythm game that transcends the boundaries of beats and self-expression. In this unique adventure, players follow the journey of Melodii, a young DJ entangled with the authorities due to her graffiti escapades. Owing to community service, embark on a rhythmic odyssey to find your groove and redefine the art of rebellion.

Exploring the Beats:

Developed by the visionary LJ LephemStar in Unity, Scratchin' Melodii introduces players to a rhythm game experience like no other. The first demo, released during the SAGE 2021 event, offers a glimpse into the world of radical grooves and self-expression. As you immerse yourself in the beats, repeat and remix to create your unique rhythm, echoing the roots of the genre that inspired the game's gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I’m having trouble playing the game. Where can I find help? A: Visit the demo's page for troubleshooting tips. If the solution eludes you, drop a comment, and we'll strive to address it in an upcoming patch.

Q: When will the full game be released? A: No clear deadline is set, as we prioritize crafting a polished experience. Quality takes time, and we're committed to delivering an exceptional adventure.

Q: Will the final game be different from what we see currently? A: Anticipate subtle yet impactful improvements. The essence remains, but expect enhancements that elevate the overall experience.

Q: Can Scratchin’ Melodii or its demo be played on my mobile device or browser? A: Currently, the game is exclusive to Windows devices, offering an immersive experience downloadable for an authentic rhythm adventure.

Q: Will Scratchin’ Melodii or its demo come to any other systems? A: Future plans include exploring compatibility with game consoles post-full game completion. Stay tuned for announcements!

Q: Will the soundtrack come to any other streaming services? A: While you can currently enjoy the soundtrack on Bandcamp, YouTube, and Soundcloud, future plans involve expanding its availability on additional streaming platforms.

Q: How can I support this game’s development/creator? A: Although no crowdfunding plans are in place, you can support the game financially through the "Name your own price" feature on or by purchasing the soundtrack on Bandcamp.


Scratchin' Melodii is not just a game; it's an anthem of rebellion and rhythm. Dive into the beats, repeat, remix, and redefine self-expression in this audacious adventure. Keep an eye on the Scratchin' Melodii official website for updates and announcements, as we continue to shape the future of radical grooves.

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