Suika Blackpink Game

Suika Blackpink Game is a remarkable mobile game that ingeniously marries the charm of traditional fruit-puzzle games with the captivating world of K-Pop.

About Suika Blackpink Game

Suika Blackpink Game: Merging the Worlds of Fruity Puzzles and K-Pop Sensations

Suika Blackpink Game is a remarkable mobile game that ingeniously marries the charm of traditional fruit-puzzle games with the captivating world of K-Pop. In this unique gaming experience, players are presented with an opportunity to delve into the delightful universe of Blackpink while challenging their wits and memory. Join us on a journey to explore the essence of Suika Blackpink Game, an enthralling blend of fruity puzzles and K-Pop enthusiasm.

Game Rules:

The rules of Suika Blackpink Game are refreshingly simple! Players must assemble larger images by merging two identical small images. It's a classic matching game infused with a dash of K-Pop magic. In the quest for bigger and better, players unite the visual fragments, score points, and experience the thrill of progression.

Experience the Game:

Suika Blackpink Game stands as a testament to innovation, providing fans with a delightful intersection of two seemingly unrelated worlds - fruit puzzles and Blackpink quizzes.

About Suika Blackpink Game:

Suika Blackpink Game offers an exhilarating mobile gaming experience, where the classic Suika game is intertwined with an intriguing twist - Blackpink quizzes. This game seamlessly caters to fans of both traditional fruit-puzzle games and the globally celebrated K-Pop girl group, Blackpink. By uniting these two distinct elements, it presents players with a challenging yet enjoyable fusion game.


The gameplay of Suika Blackpink Game is both captivating and educational. Players begin with a grid filled with small fruits adorned with various Blackpink images. The goal is to match these images by tapping on pairs of identical Blackpink visuals, merging them to form larger fruits, and earning points along the way. The more fruit pairs they merge, the higher their score climbs.

In addition to the traditional Suika gameplay, the game introduces an enticing quiz component. At different stages, players encounter questions related to Blackpink, ranging from member trivia to song titles, music videos, and memorable career moments. Correctly answering these questions is vital for progressing through the game. This ingenious blend of puzzles and quizzes not only keeps players engaged but also tests their memory and knowledge of the popular K-Pop group.


  • Beautiful Blackpink Imagery: The game dazzles players with stunning graphics, featuring authentic images of Blackpink members, immersing fans in the world of their beloved K-Pop sensations.
  • Challenging Puzzles: As players advance through levels, the puzzles become progressively intricate, stimulating their memory and problem-solving abilities.
  • K-Pop Trivia: Suika Blackpink Game presents an engaging opportunity for fans to test their knowledge of Blackpink, making it a compelling experience for both K-Pop enthusiasts and puzzle game aficionados.
  • Leaderboards and Achievements: The game fosters competition by offering leaderboards and achievements, enhancing replay value and encouraging players to outdo each other.
  • In-Game Rewards: Players can earn valuable in-game rewards and power-ups, aiding them in conquering more demanding levels, elevating the excitement of gameplay.


Suika Blackpink Game is a brilliant mobile game that seamlessly blends the allure of traditional fruit-puzzle games with the captivating world of K-Pop. This fusion offers a visually appealing experience while challenging players' knowledge of Blackpink. It's a unique gaming adventure sure to captivate fans of both Suika games and Blackpink, providing hours of entertaining and educational fun. So, embark on this fruity and musical journey, merging your way to victory while grooving to the beats of Blackpink!

How to Play Suika Blackpink Game:

To enjoy Suika Blackpink Game, simply use your mouse for a seamless and delightful gaming experience.

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